LIGE Women Smart Watch IP68 Waterproof 1.4″ Full Touch Screen Sport Heart Rate Fitness Tracker Men watch
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LIGE Women Smart Watch IP68 Waterproof 1.4″ Full Touch Screen Sport Heart Rate Fitness Tracker Men watch


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Product parameters
Screen:1.4″ TFT/IPS  240*240 Full Touch Screen
Charging method:Charging clip charging
Hardware parameter
System version:Android above 5.0
IOS above 9.0
Software function
Reminder push, facebook reminder
line push,WhatsApp push,TwitTer push,KakaoTalk push,SMS alerts push, WeChat alerts push, push, remind QQ motion records (step, mileage), sleep monitoring, sedentary reminder, calorie calculation, stopwatch, low battery alert, raising the bright screen, fast charging, low power consumption, heart rate, Blood oxygen, vibration, exercise mode remote, intelligent alarm,Heart Rate Tracker,Passometer,Remote photo
Bracelet supports languages:Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, German, Korean, Spanish, Japanese, French, Russian, Ukrainian, Italian, Portuguese
APP(YFIT) support language:18 languages: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Danish, Russian, Czech, Polish, Thai, Swedish, Finnish, Dutch, Korean
Package Included
Host, charger, wrist strap, manual, box
after receive the watch ,please charging first.Because after a long period of logistics, the watch has a low battery.Before using, scan the QR code on the manual to download the app and connect it to the watch with APP. 
safasdf-拷贝副本-恢复的_01 safasdf-拷贝副本-恢复的_02 safasdf-拷贝副本-恢复的_03
Slim and stunning stunning vision:
The aviation aluminum metal body is colorful and stylish,with a 1.4-inch ultra-retina screen,and a smooth rtansition of 2.5D curved glass,which brings clear and delicate display of stunning vision,that is,a wider field of vision. safasdf-拷贝副本-恢复的_04
Craftsmanship excellent appearance:
Manufactured by CNC technology of aviation aluminum material,it is polished and polished in 28 to processes,showing a timeless gloss.The material,design,process,and all are superb.The screen uses a 1.4-inch TFT IPS screen,and the strap is made of food-grade liquid silicone material. safasdf-拷贝副本-恢复的_05
Slim watch body lasts for 15 days:
Adopt low-power chips to solve the pain points of insufficient life of smart watches,equipperd with a large battery lasting battery 15 days long battery life and long standby time of 60 days,farewell to frequent charging. safasdf-拷贝副本-恢复的_06
IP68 waterproof wearing no worries:
Support swimming,wash hands,rain and meet daily use.(Do not use product in hot water or sauna) safasdf-拷贝副本-恢复的_08
Multiple sports mode:
Call notification vibration notification:
Call incoming vibration notification,raise hands to quick view after received call,device will be vibration long press screen can hang up. safasdf-拷贝副本-恢复的_10
Understand your physical and mental health:
Heart rate monitoring throughout the day,the bracelet has a built-in intelligent optical light sensor,which can change heart rate around the clock.Blood pressure,blood oxygen measurement breathing training to help you effectively release stress,in addition to reminders of sedentary calorie consumption makes life easier. safasdf-拷贝副本-恢复的_11
Sleep monitoring alarm vibration reminder:
Comfortable to wear,monitoring sleep duration all night overall assess your deep and light sleep quality. safasdf-拷贝副本-恢复的_12
Your sports and health partner:
Predict the weather forecast for the next two days in advance music control,simultaneous display of song title and volume increase and decrease,no need for mobile phone operation leading similar products in the industry,intelligent interaction. safasdf-拷贝副本-恢复的_13
One-click quick release:
The lug design of the strap and the convenient installation method,the one -button quick release technology allows you to easily replace different straps. safasdf-拷贝副本-恢复的_14
Rich and beautiful dial changes between wrists:
Rich preset dial + expuisite dial market to meet the diverse needs of users You can set the mito in your phone as your watch face,customize it,and do whatever you want. safasdf-拷贝副本-恢复的_15
Technology innovation,faster operation,higher performance:
Pure cobalt polymer lithium battery with high energy density with RTL8762CK chipset,bio-tracking optical sensor has low power consumption,using time up to 7 days even if it is used frequently. safasdf-拷贝副本-恢复的_16
All-day activity tracking,convenient life assistant:
Daily activities such as steps,calories,activity hous,medium and high-intensity exercise time,etc.Test,SMS,information,e-mail,weather alarm,social applications,new alerts,Don’t miss important information,and many intimate small functions add energy to the burden of horizontal life. safasdf-拷贝副本-恢复的_17 safasdf-拷贝副本-恢复的_18
Product size: 18 safasdf-拷贝副本-恢复的_20




Please Don’t hesitate to contact us anytime by send emails to me with your questions, we will reply you within 48 hours. thanks. we are committed 
to your 100% customer satisfaction and hope long term cooperation with you.


FQA for M2 BW0166 fitness tracker >>
Q:Why is the blood pressure value deviated from the sphygmomanometer?
A:The deviation between the measurement value of the watch and the sphygmomanometer is determined by a variety of factors. The measurement site of the sphygmomanometer is in the radial artery, and the measurement site of the watch is the two main branches of the arteriole. Normaly, the aortic blood pressure measurement and the arteriole Blood pressure measurements will vary by three to forty; if you use a watch and a sphygmomanometer to measure at the same time, because the blood ?ows in the artery in the direction of the centrifuge, the sphygmomanometer measures the straps so that the lower part of your elbow is under pressure. Temporary blood cannot ?ow smoothly to the branch of the artery below, and the vascular tension is increased, which will make the upper and lower blood pressure measurement values more biased.
Q:Why can’t the watch receive the message push?
A:Android phone settings1. Con?rm that the message push switch is enabled on the mobile client.2. The con?rmation message can be displayed normally in the mobile phone noti?cation bar. The watch message push is pushed by reading the mobile phone noti?cation bar message; if there is no message in the mobile phone noti?cation bar, the watch will not be able to receive the push(need to ?nd the noti?cation setting in the phone settings, open WeChat, QQ phone, SMS, noti?cation button of mobile client)3. Open the auxiliary function settings of the wristband client(see the auxiliary function in the settings on the phone, and open the auxiliary function settings of the wristband client)
Apple phone settings:1. Con?rm that the message push switch is enabled on the mobile client.2. the con?rmation message can be displayed normally in the mobile phone noti?cation bar(need to ?nd the noti?cation settings in the phone settings, open WeChat, QQ phone, SMS, mobile phone client noti?cation switch)
Q:Why does the pedometer not count steps when I have already started walking?
A:To reduce errors, smart watch usually sets an initial value of 10, it will count steps when we walk more than 10 steps. The APP will show the real walking steps and start counting from step 10.
Q:What application is used when connecting to a smart phone?
A:App is “YFit”,The app is designed by the supplier. You can scan the QR code on the package or manual to download it when you get the item.
Q:Why the device cannot boot or start up properly?
A:Please charge your new device for at least 10 minutes or more before the first usage, this ensures normal device boot and optimal operation. For devices with removable batteries, ensure they are properly installed before charging.
Q: Can not find device when pairing device?
A:Please make sure the distance between phone and device less than 0.5m
Please make sure the device is not under low battey.if there is still problem after 1.5hours charging,Please cantact us.
Q:Can not connect the devicewith app?
A:Some smart phone bluetooth service will be abnormal when reboot.Please reboot the smart phone for pairing device.
Q:Why the android mobile disconnect?
A:Android mobile phone system memory management will be forced to turn off the background app,you need to turn off the power saving mode or pull the app into the ayatem housekeeping green background inside,app will not be forced to close.app must be running in the background,bluetooth will not automatically disconnect.
Q: Why couldn’t I connect the Bluetooth?
A:  1. Please download the app firstly
      2. Search Bluetooth name on your APP and then connect it.
      3. You can see request to connect on the phone, click “pair.
      If you had connected the Bluetooth before, please clear all your phone’s Bluetooth devices.
      4. App Name: YFit.
Q:Is the watch waterproof?
A:M2 BW0166 is splash-proof and sweat-proof, so it is ok while you are doing sports . But you can’t swim with it.
(please note: it does not support the brewing hot water, hot bath, and water vapor. Please avoid using and storing the device at the place of high temperature & high humidity.)
Although the bracelet can monitor your heart rate, it cannot be used for any medical purpose,it is only to help people live a healthier life.All measurements results are for reference only.They are based on seientific algorithms and sensors.So please don’t compare them to medical devices,we appreciate your understanding. 



Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Black, Gold yellow, Green, Pink




Bluetooth 5.0

Waterproof Grade

Life Waterproof



SIM Card Available


Network Mode


Compatible System

Android 5.0 IOS 9.0 and above







Movement Type




Display Size




Case Material


Application Age Group


Smart watch

smart watch women

Battery Detachable


CPU Manufacturer


Ladies fashion watch

heart rate monitor watch

Multiple Dials


Brand Name





On Wrist

Screen Shape


Battery Capacity


Rear Camera


CPU Model

Smart watch women

APP Download Available


Band Material

Silica Gel

Band Detachable


pedometer watch

men smart watch


All Compatible





86 reviews for LIGE Women Smart Watch IP68 Waterproof 1.4″ Full Touch Screen Sport Heart Rate Fitness Tracker Men watch

  1. E***r (verified owner)

    Highly recommended.Delivery very fast. It connects perfectly to the bluetooth of the mobile phone. It gives the tension and pulse very much like reality. You have a choice for many activities.

  2. E***r (verified owner)

    t’s a pretty good smart watch meets the characteristics described, very comfortable and very good, quality and price, I recommend! I liked it, it performs very well with its functions, the product arrived in perfect condition, it’s perfect for whatsup-type notifications or normal messages, monitors you with pulse, the battery is spent as 10% a day, it also works with ios and android, it’s perfect price quality!

  3. E***u (verified owner)

    el reloj está muy bien, corresponde con la descripción, se ha emparejado con el teléfono sin problema…. cumple con su función…

  4. S***a (verified owner)

    Доставка быстрая в Свердловск область 12 дней, часы подключила все работает, на руке смотрятся изящно, продовца советую.

  5. M***a (verified owner)

    Envio rápido y producto de calidad.
    Muy satisfecho

  6. M***i (verified owner)

    отлично! все работает

  7. m***a (verified owner)

    Everything ok,
    I have to try more time.

  8. g***a (verified owner)

    Super fast delivery and quality product, very satisfied!

  9. A***X (verified owner)

    I ordered my wife’s watch for my birthday. The Moscow region was reached in 2 weeks. With the phone made friends right away. On beautiful, let’s see how much about ticking). Seller recommend. You can take it.

  10. k***p (verified owner)

    Light and nice seems ok and works

  11. j***o (verified owner)

    Everything OK

  12. H***a (verified owner)

    Very cute. Made neatly. She’s doing software stuff.

  13. C***m (verified owner)

    It arrives in excellent condition, according to descriptions, and very punctual on the date, excellent for any occasion and very attractive

  14. V***K (verified owner)

    Everything is fine

  15. s***s (verified owner)

    The order came within 3 weeks before Tyumen. Good quality goods. The watch is very good and looks dipped on the hand. I recommend the store and the seller. Thank you.

  16. V***a (verified owner)

    Everything is fine, everything works, thank you to the seller.

  17. N***a (verified owner)

    The clock is very steep, in almost a month only twice charged. I do not take off at all, now I do not even take a shower. I ordered my daughter the same. I advise everyone!!

  18. Shopper (verified owner)

    Just like the picture and the features all it puts is true you can put background up to a photo yours.
    The truth that a wonder and over the battery I ‘ve been with him for 4 days and he still has half. A hit

  19. E***r (verified owner)

    It works well, connects super easy and has arrived in two days! For the time being delighted with the purchase.

  20. E***r (verified owner)

    Delivery in very few days, arrived in perfect condition and looks very good, especially in the quality/price ratio.

  21. E***t (verified owner)

    We’re on trial, I’ll tell you, a salute

  22. O***a (verified owner)

    Super Bistro is coming. I’m done. Thank you seller.

  23. k***r (verified owner)

    Same as in the photo installation very easy

  24. a***z (verified owner)

    Excellent watch, very happy with purchase

  25. K***i (verified owner)

    I got here faster than I thought.

  26. Shopper (verified owner)

    Wonderful, I’m in it enamoured❤Recommend

  27. g***r (verified owner)

    Quality very good price

  28. A***a (verified owner)

    I loved it, it’s very nice and I get super fast

  29. D***z (verified owner)

    Recommended 100%. The software is very complete. The design is not large and very well finished. The battery with a charge is running for three weeks and still has 1/4 capacity left. Good shopping. Fast shipping.

  30. a***a (verified owner)

    Everything perfectly corresponds to the description. 1 day flight normal. Then I’ll add it.

  31. r***a (verified owner)

    It’s very nice and so little I ‘ve been looking at it goes very well

  32. F***e (verified owner)

    Perfect. Works properly

  33. E***r (verified owner)

    There is no proof

  34. E***l (verified owner)


  35. Shopper (verified owner)

    I love it. It’s perfect. Just what I wanted. Quality is very good. I recomend it. I’m happy.

  36. E***O (verified owner)

    Pleasantly surprised very good quality

  37. E***Z (verified owner)

    Delighted with the watch

  38. D***c (verified owner)

    Good commodity works properly, I recommend it

  39. N***A (verified owner)

    I just got it, shipping in 5 days! At the moment it seems to work properly. When I set it up and spend a few days I’ll say yes or wrong. I ordered it in Yellow-gold color and it has come rather pink but I already like it.

  40. E***r (verified owner)

    Shipping came faster than I thought, I ‘ve tried the clock and it works so well for now, besides, it’s very nice.
    Oh, and you have language in the Spanish instructions that for me is an advantage.

  41. j***o (verified owner)

    The first impression has been when I spend a few days I will recomment that such

  42. A***a (verified owner)

    Excellent. Fast shipping. I ordered October 21, October 31 already received. The seller is good!

  43. j***o (verified owner)

    Fast and good product

  44. M***l (verified owner)

    Exactly, it just says it connects to WhatsApp and Facebook and it doesn’t.

  45. D***d (verified owner)

    Very nice, in good condition. Easy to use.

  46. O***z (verified owner)

    Fast shipping and in perfect condition. The watch is like the one in the perfect photo for women.

  47. A***o (verified owner)

    Thanks for the speed at 24 h is the clock at home, I thought buying it 11 would take a long time to get there.

  48. E***o (verified owner)

    Perfect, very good quality, enchanted with the watch.

  49. E***r (verified owner)

    The clock has come to me in perfect condition, it’s very good. Super fast shipping. Very happy

  50. F***o (verified owner)

    The smart watch reflects all the features described by seller

  51. Shopper (verified owner)

    Such as the description

  52. H***r (verified owner)

    The clock has arrived Hungary. It is Very Nice. Traveled 1 month. I upgraded to Android 4.0, so it works.
    Thank you very much for your work ….. one is in trouble, do not answer the call, just indicate …… I love this watch.

  53. Shopper (verified owner)


  54. Shopper (verified owner)

    Very good, the clock is going very well
    And the extraordinary price, I recommend. I bought it 15 days ago and it goes great, you can’t ask for more, for quality price.

  55. I***s (verified owner)

    I haven’t tried it, it’s a gift, in three days I ‘ve received it.

  56. Shopper (verified owner)

    Fast shipping

  57. M***Z (verified owner)

    They’re fine, good presence and well packed.

  58. Shopper (verified owner)

    The watch came well but I had no shipping information until today, and not by the seller but by correosb,. But well, the thing is, it’s come right, it works well and meets what it says in the descriptions. If you buy this watch please note that the seller may not even contact you but so less will come to you.

  59. J***z (verified owner)

    He arrived in a few days. The clock is as indicated in the description, with multiple modes and operation and accuracy more than correct. It’s very nice. For now, unbeatable quality/peice ratio.

  60. E***r (verified owner)

    I love it, it meets all your expectations. Recommended 100%

  61. Shopper (verified owner)

    Fast delivery and cool watch 🙂

  62. L*** (verified owner)

    Beautiful fast delivery

  63. P***v (verified owner)

    All OK

  64. Shopper (verified owner)

    It’s just like the description. I haven’t tried it completely yet but it looks great! Well packed and arrived before the estimated date.

  65. R*** (verified owner)

    Very cool

  66. R***r (verified owner)

    At first glance, very high quality watches! Connected as soon as downloaded the app. all in Russian language. So far I really like it! I wish it was.

  67. N***a (verified owner)

    He has arrived in time. The color is not gold as it says in the description, it is rosita. It seems to work for now.

  68. f***f (verified owner)

    Not yet included, came discharged! But external look beautiful! After use, I will add a review

  69. N***a (verified owner)

    The clock came on time 20 days before Murmansk. Downloaded on the Q-R code app yfit on iPhone 11, everything ends. The app is Russian, everything is clear and clear. The only negative is some uncomfortable charging, and so I’m very happy with the purchase. Thank you.

  70. A***n (verified owner)

    Excellent smart clock, menu Russian is. Like women, but also on a man look good. How much will keep the battery, I do not know yet.

  71. M***a (verified owner)

    It’s been bought to give away. In principle the appearance is unbeatable, very elegant. Prettier live than in pictures. Now to expect the new owner to release it.

  72. A***h (verified owner)

    The order made 9.10, the parcel came 17.11. Partially tracked (by China and Ukraine). Actually, about the clock. The first charge of the battery was enough for 13 days. About the accuracy of measuring steps, pulse and blood saturation with oxygen, well, very much. There are many modes of training, and if through the app in the phone to choose, then there are much more of them, than in the clock. You can download different covers for watches through the app-you want with arrows, you want electronic with the visualization of the main indicators-the level of battery charge of hours, steps taken, burned calories, Pulse. Can set reminders,
    Configure incoming message alerts, calls, set alarm clock. On the hand look beautiful, the strap is made of very soft, pleasant rubber.

  73. a***o (verified owner)

    Excellent, very fast delivery

  74. V***s (verified owner)

    Beautiful as the picture

  75. Shopper (verified owner)

    Performs all the functions described. Quickly connected to the phone. To Moscow in 2 weeks

  76. r***r (verified owner)

    Daughter, really liked. Bought for 1300 with coupons.

  77. L***A (verified owner)

    Corresponds to the description, I ordered my sister for a gift to Russia, came quickly, I advise the seller, I did not communicate with him, but everything is Prompt!

  78. 1***r (verified owner)

    Very good! I liked it very much.

  79. B***n (verified owner)

    I bought the second one, for the second daughter

  80. R***r (verified owner)

    Nice watch. Downloaded app all works

  81. J***L (verified owner)

    Just like the picture. I’m gonna load it and try.

  82. j***z (verified owner)

    Very nice watch, quality price is OK, very fast shipping, recommended seller.

  83. B***e (verified owner)

    I haven’t tried it yet but it’s very nice

  84. Shopper (verified owner)


  85. V***v (verified owner)

    The clock received in time, the goods correspond to the description. the clock really liked, everything works as
    Hours. thank you very much to the seller. I recommend it to everyone.

  86. v***r (verified owner)

    Everything is fine, thank you, best seller❤& Middot;❤& Middot;❤& Middot;❤& Middot;❤& Middot;❤& Middot;❤& Middot;

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